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What is GoMate

Posted On : Tuesday, March 12, 2019


An off-grid solar system is a combination of different subsystems. Any well designed solar system has a charge controller as the primary subsystem and as the heart of the system. Particularly, when it comes to mobile systems, you have less space and additional environmental concerns such as the beauty of the design, heat and mounting capabilities.

So if you are looking for an efficient charge controller, for physically limited space and integrated look, GoMate is the right choice for you! GoMate is a flush mounted 30A negative-ground solar charge controller, equipped with Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) charging mode. GoMate regulates PV current and protects batteries from over-charging. It’s compatible with 12-24 Volt photovoltaic systems and can be applied to any off-grid solar system such as Recreation vehicles (RVs), mobile service vehicles, solar boats, etc.

Real-time operating information and data are displayed on LCD. Control parameters are fully programmable with a variety of methods including PC software, Mobile app, Bluetooth module, and Wi-Fi module as well.




  • Flush mounted and embedded installation design

  • High quality and low failure rate components (ST/IR) to ensure the product lifetime

  • 3-Stage intelligent PWM charging: Bulk, Boost/Equalize and Float

  • Battery type: Sealed, Gel, Flooded, and User

  • Real-time energy statistics feature

  • Battery temperature compensation feature

  • Digital LCD monitor for informative display of operational parameters and fault messages

  • Voltage drop and temperature compensation sampling interface design

  • RS485 communication port with Modbus protocol, and short circuit protection for 5V/200mA power supply

  • Multiple communication peripherals

  • Rated charging current at working temperature without de-rating

  • Extensive electronic protections

  • Monitor and set the parameters via PC software or APP


Panel Features:

The following section illustrates the features of the GoMate Series. The figure below shows the features of the front and rear side of the GoMate Series.

The front panel of the GoMate Series is equipped with a user interface, comprised of the LCD to provide system status at a glance. It is also equipped with two push buttons to change the display and access device settings. The rear side of the GoMate Series has the terminals for the positive (+) battery terminal, and the negative (–) battery terminal, positive (+) PV, and the negative (–) PV terminal, plus the COM port and battery temperature and voltage sensor ports.



The parameters are:

 Controller case
 Battery terminals
 MENU button
 PV terminals
 SET button
 Remote temperature sensor port
 RS485 communication port
 Mounting hole size Ø 4.5mm
 Remote battery voltage sensor port


The connection port is used to connect and communicate with a variety of possibilities such as PC software, Mobile app, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules. This functionality allows for full control of parameter settings.



Mounting the controller:

The installation process is easy and straightforward. Check the manual for more information.




Wiring GoMate is easy and so straight forward. Connect the PV input to PV terminals and connect the battery to battery terminals, and all is set. The following picture provides wiring diagrams for installation at a glance. Check the manual for more information.



Have questions or inquiries?

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